Single Slider Windows San Diego

Single Slider Windows

A single slider window is a window with one fixed and one operable panel. The operable panel glides toward the opposite side, sliding in grooves or tracks. Single sliders are common in living areas and bedrooms, and can be ordered in custom sizes. You can choose which panel will be the operable panel.

Double Slider Windows San Diego

Double Slider Windows

Double sliders look similar to single sliders, but the difference is that in a double slider window, both window panels are operable. Each panel is able to slide to the opposite side, allowing for air circulation from either side of the window.

3-Lite Slider Windows San Diego

3-Lite Slider Windows

A 3-lite slider window has three distinct panels, one of which (the center panel) is stationary. The left and right panels slide toward the center to open, and both sides can be open at the same time for excellent air circulation. These windows tend to be found in larger rooms, like living or family rooms, where more natural light is desired.

Single Hung Windows San Diego

Single Hung Windows

One of the more common types of windows found in San Diego homes are single hung windows. These windows have two panels—the top panel is fixed, while the bottom panel is operable. To open a single hung window, you simply slide the bottom panel up.

Double Hung Windows San Diego

Double Hung Windows

Similar to single hung windows, double hung windows have an upper and lower window panel. However, in a double hung window, both panels are operable. The bottom panel can slide upward or the top panel can slide down to open.

Casement Windows San Diego

Casement Windows

Casement windows typically have one panel of glass. The panel is hinged on one side or the other and swings outward, away from the home, typically to a 90-degree angle. Casement windows open and close using an easy-to-operate crank system. They provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, since they are made with only one panel.

Awning Windows San Diego

Awning Windows

Awning windows, like casement windows, are made up of one operable panel of glass. An awning window, however, opens from a hinge that is located at the top of the window, using a crank system. Awning windows are most often found in bathrooms.

Bay Windows San Diego

Bay Windows

A bay window is made up of three window sections joined at 30- or 45-degree angles. The center panel is typically fixed, while the two side panels can be either fixed or operable, using single or double hung windows, or casement windows. They are great for smaller rooms, as they add extra depth, space, and natural light.

Bow Windows San Diego

Bow Windows

Bow windows use multiple panels of glass joined together, typically at 10-degree angles, to create a rounded look. The glass panels in a bow window are usually fixed, but you do have the option of using single hung or casement windows in one or more of the panels for ventilation. Bow windows are great for living rooms, bedrooms, or in rooms with a view.

Garden Windows San Diego

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a type of specialty window typically found in kitchens. They project out from an exterior wall, and are made up of window panels on four sides. They allow great natural light to a room, as well as additional space to display decorations or to grow plants or herbs.

Picture Windows San Diego

Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed, single panel windows designed to increase the natural light that is allowed into a room, as well as to provide a larger viewing area. They can be placed vertically or horizontally on a wall, and are available in standard and custom sizes.

Geometric Windows San Diego

Geometric Windows

Geometric windows are a great addition to any San Diego home, providing visual interest as well as increased natural light. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, including custom, and can be easily added to any room. Geometric windows are non-operable, meaning they don’t open and close.

Patio Doors San Diego

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors with two panels of glass are the most common type of patio door found in San Diego homes. In a two-panel door, one glass door panel is operable, sliding horizontally over the fixed panel. They are a great addition to almost any San Diego home with a patio, deck, or balcony, providing natural light, ventilation, and easy access to the outdoors.

3-Panel Replacement Patio Doors San Diego

3-Panel Patio Doors

Three-panel sliders are made up of three glass patio doors. One of the three panels is operable, and you can choose the right, left, or center panel to be the operable door. If you choose the center panel as your operable door, it can slide either to the right or the left. Standard and custom sizes are available.

4-Panel Replacement Patio Doors San Diego

4-Panel Patio Doors

To maximize your viewing area, as well as the opening to the outdoors, San Diego homeowners choose four-panel sliding patio doors. They are great for homes with large patios or decks. Typically, the two center panels will be operable, sliding outward over the two fixed panels. However, you can also choose to have the door on the far right or the far left be the door that opens and closes.

French Sliding Patio Doors San Diego

French Sliding Patio Doors

French sliding patio doors combine the look of a French hinged door, with the operation of a two-panel sliding door. With a wider frame around the glass in each door, French sliders have a traditional look. However, unlike French hinged doors, only one panel is operable, sliding horizontally in front of the fixed panel. You have the ability to choose which panel will be fixed and which will be operable.

French Hinged Doors San Diego

French Hinged Doors

French hinged doors are a classic addition to any San Diego home with traditional styling, and are considered a desirable upgrade by many homebuyers. French patio doors usually swing outward from hinges on the doorjambs. French hinged doors provide a wide opening, without requiring a large amount of wall space; however, they do require extra clearance, since they swing out into the patio or deck area. They can also be used indoors to provide separation between rooms.

Patio Doors with Pet Doors San Diego

Patio Doors with Pet Doors

Add a pet door to any of our patio doors for the convenience of both you and your family pet. Installing an in-glass pet door directly into your patio door means you don’t have to cut an additional hole in your wall for a pet door. Our pet doors are durable, while still being gentle on your pet. Multiple sizes are available to accommodate pets of any size.

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